Thursday, April 23, 2020

Walk along the Dock in Key West

I went over to A&B Marina and started a walk back to Fleetwing. You won't see a lot of people but there are a few out, mostly by Schooner Wharf but not inside, that's not allowed. They will buy a drink and stand outside on the boardwalk with a few other imbibers. There's no music playing at Schooner Wharf, a rare thing in itself. I did see one girl with a guitar and perhaps she was hoping for some donations.

It was a nice evening and normally everything would have been packed, but of course, not today. Maintenance is still being done with the washing of the docks every morning and they are continuing to work on the renovations for the showers and restrooms. I can't imagine why they can't get that done before August - the target date for completion!

We're just biding our time.


Thehoc1 said...

Bob,Has there been any reports of the Cordova virus in your area? Enjoy your video be safe......Marty

Bob423 said...

Marty, we have 35 cases in Key West which I'm sure came from all the spring breakers that were here the first half of March. It was thick with kids from all over the US then. We are gradually coming down. 35 out of 25,000 is not too bad, about that's 0.14%

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

That is certainly the emptiest I've ever seen the Bight. You started your tour at our second favorite place to lock our bikes up when we stay on base at Truman Annex, or Trumbo Point. I won't tell where our favorite place is since we don't want it to become too popular :)