Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Key West - Pastels by Ann

Ann at work
Ann is an artist. She currently paints in pastels although she has used watercolors in the past. We've settled in a routine where she is up in the cockpit during the day and I'm down below working on Facebook or Waterway Guide activities. She has all her pastels spread out and she paints what comes to mind. During the self-isolation period for everybody, many artists have stepped up and offered free on-line courses or demos for those with similar interests that are also housebound. With that, Ann will spend the morning doing pastels and an hour or so in the afternoon tuning in to the latest offering from artists in the same predicament.

The finished product
Ann has been painting for 50 years and our house in New York is lined with her works which I greatly enjoy. On the boat, we don't have that kind of room so she works in 9 x 12 inch format mostly. I've included a couple of her recent works. A recent collection can be viewed at Pastels by Ann. 

Another painting finished earlier
The days go by quickly here. Ann's in the cockpit and I'm down below. We walk in the mornings and afternoons but we don't go into any stores. Our groceries are delivered right to the boat as is our laundry. We are about as isolated as we can be. As long as the internet holds out, we'll be fine. We have lots of food, there doesn't appear to be any shortage of that and with the water and electricity in the marina, we're doing fine. We are just biding our time until things improve.
Meanwhile, Key West is rather empty


Fred Brillo said...


Those fish you see cruising in the marina in large schools are Mullet. Up in the Florida Pan Handle they are considered a delicacy... not so much in South Florida where they make great bait for larger game fish..

In early autumn, they school up in huge schools, as big as a football field, and move southward along the beaches, attracting every sort of bigger game fish. Its an amazing site to see. Millions of fish together in one school swimming just outside the breaking waves along the beach with huge tarpon, bluefish, Jacks, Ladyfish, and sharks, feeding on the schools.