Friday, April 24, 2020

Key West - Bird Bath and flowers

This is some sort of tree, I wish we had them jup north
We took a walk along our usual one when the temperatures get too hot. It's shaded from the afternoon sun but still open to the occasional breeze. I like it because it lets us keep tabs on the bathtub birdbath. The guy seems to have a long-standing fight to keep goldfish alive in the fishbowl. He claims all sorts of enemies as villains in depleting his population of goldfish. Personally, I think the local cats do a job on that washtub. For a while he used to put plastic over the tub to prevent "harvesting" of his fish but that's an occasional thing anymore.   

The bathtub fishbowl perseveres but no fish at the present time
The route also has gorgeous yellow flowers that grow over the walkway and different ones that grow on a tree, both are pleasing to just look at while walking.  Hoolie sees it as an excellent opportunity to spread his DNA around. However, when he's done, his tongue is handing out - it's hot!

We walk under these everyday, they form an arch over the sidewalk
No news is good news. Key West is still sitting at 35 for the virus cases but the Keys are still on lockdown.


Billie said...

Bob, That top picture with the pale yellow flowers is a plumeria. I use to grow them up here in the chilly north. You can root them from a piece of the branch. Since they are tropical you have to bring them in over the winter up here. I use to buy branches at the Philly Flower Show and root them in 50/50 perlite and potting soil.

Bob423 said...

Billie, they are such stunning flowers! They look odd to me growing out of a tree.