Sunday, April 5, 2020

Key West - Festive and New Market opens for take out groceries

A celebration?
We were on our daily afternoon walk when we noticed that the store owner was out front of New Market which is next to Harpoon Harry's. I walked over and he said he was takeout only groceries which amounts to walking inside the door and ask the store manager what you want. He then goes and delivers it to the table at the store entrance. They were concerned about elderly relatives and wanted to take additional precautions. It seemed reasonable to me.

Blooming all by themselves
The streets are still deserted but there are signs of a revival in places, witness the colorful balloons on one side street. Westmarine is all sold out of balaclava as one means to cover your mouth. We're just careful not to walk too close to anyone and there are lots of wide-open spaces now with all the crowds gone.

Mallory Square is closed so we see the sunset from our doick now
The high winds have gone and it's warming up, we don't mind. It's still cool enough at night for a good night's sleep without the airconditioning running.