Monday, April 13, 2020

Key West - Door decorations and Hoolie

Wreath - Key West style
What do people do in Key West to decorate their doors for the holidays? Up north, we put wreaths on the door and maybe some brightly colored bulbs. In Key West, they do something different. We saw a "wreath" today made of starfish. They were all bleached white but were arranged in a circular pattern. I thought it looked quite nice.

"I'm here, ready to do my job of cleaning up any leftovers!"
I took Hoolie out as usual but he was reluctant to go. He always likes to hang around food when it's being put away, perhaps something will drop on the floor? If so, he wants to be right there to clean up! So when we returned to Fleetwing, he wanted to go right downstairs even though Ann was up in the cockpit at that time. Once he satisfied himself that there was no leftover food, he retreated to the cockpit once again. He's ruled by his stomach but then many of us are.

It's getting warmer, into the mid-80s now and we've started turning on the A/C right after breakfast. We're still hoping for mid May for a start north.