Cruising Guides

Before we started cruising 9 months of the year, we used to charter in the Caribbean. We've been to the British Virgin Islands 7 times, the Grenadines twice, St. Martin once and I compiled cruising guides to those areas in pdf format. We've also cruised in Maine for many summers and have a cruising guide for that area too. In this section of the blog, I've provided links to the guides for your use. Feel free to download ones of interest and use as you see fit. We are avid snorkelers and the guides contain the best snorkeling spots we've found, some of which are not mentioned in commercial guides. There are also waypoints I've used for my own navigation but, as always, re-examine all such material for accuracy and the captain of the boat takes full responsibility for all navigation.

I hope you enjoy the guides, I had fun putting them together.

Long Island Sound (6.6Mb)
Long Island is the cruising area we've been to every summer for many years. The guide has all our favorite spots

Maine (9.4Mb)
We've spent many summers in Maine, it's our favorite cruising area for sailing but there's no snorkeling and watch out for those lobster pots!!

Tortola 2000 (8 Mb)
A 38-page guide from our 2000 trip. We've been there 6 times over the years, our favorite snorkeling cruising area!

Tortola Express (3 Mb)
A shorter guide from our 2007 visit. 

Grenadines (3.2Mb)
We've been here twice. This is more of an open ocean experience and the boat boys are a lot of fun.

St Martin (3.1Mb)
We only went once here. It's okay but not our favorite.