Sunday, April 26, 2020

Key West - Gatherings, Decisions, Sunsets

 A little excitement by Schooner Wharf
There is a small but growing crowd outside Schooner Wharf in the evenings. It's not out of hand but people surely want to socialize. I don't know what the occasion was but everyone was dressed in weird costumes - which is about average for Key West anyway. A police car came by to check up on the social distancing rules but moved on after a bit.

Turtle Kraals is deathly quiet
We walked around by the Cuban Coffee Queen and back to the boat. The Turtle Kraals sure looked forlorn, just no one was around. When we entered the narrow walkway by the restaurant, a couple coming the other way took the long way around, which is what we all do nowadays to avoid close
contact. Everyone is pretty good at maintaining the 6 foot guidelines.

A quiet sunset over the harbor
We made a major decision today. We're going to start our journey north this Thursday and hope to reach Miami late in the day on Friday at Marine Stadium. There are enough marinas open on the way north that we will be able to find one each night. It will be a Cannonball Run. We're not stopping to smell the roses since nothing else is open along the way. It will be a stop for the night and off the next day at daybreak. We will fully provision here in Key West with deliveries right to Fleetwing, we won't be getting off the boat anywhere along the way. It's better than being in a car trying to get home since we won't be using rest stops or restaurants, just what's on the bost.

Ann, we had a nice sunset to top off the day. I have to start the dinghy motor on Monday to be sure that works followed by another provisioning order from Winn Dixie and laundry by delivery.  We are ready to move north.


D's Patio said...

Bob I wish you and Ann safe travels. I assume you will at least get off the boat to walk Hoolie? I hope you found someplace to stop between Key West and Miami where you can also walk Hoolie. Jeff and I are waiting till the end of May and then do exactly the same thing - move as fast as possible up the coast.

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Safe travels as you head north. I saw in the Key West Bar Tab FB post that the Key West Cuban Coffee Shop was re-opening on Monday for Breakfast/Lunch 8AM-2PM for take out. Might be a good change of pace.