Saturday, April 25, 2020

Key West - Fish schools

We are getting restless. The days are passing by and we're still here, no farther north than last month. Judging from the announcement on the Monroe County website, they don't expect to reopen the Keys in May. That really puts a kink in our plans for moving north. The waterway north is moving in Florida and farther north but not in the Keys, everything is still closed including all marinas. The school of mullet in the video used to number in the hundreds but after "harvesting" by the local birds and big fish, their numbers have declined precipitately.

So we talked it all over between us and figured that we need to move soon since waiting for a formal opening in the Keys is at least a month away, if not later. The weather is looking good for a Wednesday or Thursday departure date but the big unknown for us is what to do with Hoolie. He's never learned to go on the boat and our plans include an overnight stay at 5 mile bridge before continuing onward to marine stadium the next day.

So many decisions to make. We'll rethink everything at least 10 times before departing but we feel we have to start moving north before the hurricane season. I'll do some weather forecasting tonight and we'll see what the best plan is.


Art Watson said...

Hi Bob,

My boat is in Fort Lauderdale, and I am getting a bit desperate to head north as well, in my case to the Chesapeake. Are you aware of reliable sources of updated information on what's “open” and what's “closed” along the way north? I am particularly interested in the situation in NC and VA, as that will hugely affect my decision whether to go inside or outside Cape Hatteras.

Best wishes, and thanks!

Art Watson
S/V Aztec