Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Key West - A Walk to Fleetwing Along William Street

(make sure you don't have mute automatically on for your browser)
We walk every day around 3:00 pm or so thought I would take you along on the way back to see the sights and sounds of Key West at the present time. The walk starts by the local fish market that for now only has takeout at select times during the day. We will pass by the local gardens and stop to talk to a guy taking care of his fishbowl which consists of a bathtub filled with water. He was complaining that someone was killing the fish?! Maybe it's the local cats. He usually has a screen covering the bowl but not recently.

 Onward we march and see what's left of BOs Fishwagon (not much) and stop to admire more flowers. We cross Elizabeth Street and past the chicken rookery under the porch by Only Wood - you can hear the roosters crow. Then it's a slow walk (it's 88 outside!) to the Bight, up on the deck and a left turn down Dock E to Fleeting. You can see the step I have to contend with in getting back on Fleetwing. I hope you had a nice walk.

 We got our masks a couple of days ago and it's mandatory wear when going into a store although the only store we enter is the local convenience store. They installed floor to ceiling plastic windows to protect the cashier with a little opening to pass cash. I think we are in for the long haul with this virus, it's not going to stop anytime soon.


Martin Wallace said...

Bob my wife and I met you and your wife and your dog on your dock March 13 we took a picture. My wife and I were in the Keys for a day came down on the fast ferry. Thank for the video I really enjoy your post.

Bob said...

Great video, that was awesome! Keep up the great work. Snowing in Hartford right now, not sticking on road but everything white. Would easily trade for your weather, lol.

Thehoc1 said...

Enjoyed the video birds,rooster and very few humans. Reminds me of “On the Beach” film. Google it. Be safe and hello to Ann.

Bob423 said...

To all, the video was an experiment. The audio wasn't so hot, I'll try to be louder next time or maybe I'll use the iPhone instead of my Canon camera. It is kind of spooky walking with so few people around. The roosters are really noisy!They seem to be taking the streets over.