Monday, April 20, 2020

Key West - Pastels apace

The original is very vivid
Ann continues to paint every day. She's done more pastels here than at any time compared to up north. The temperatures in the morning now are still too hot for any painting in the cockpit so now w spend most of the time downstairs in the main salon.

I do like the composition
Ann paints from photos but they are just a starting point. It's not reality that matters, it's the composition of the picture, the way the elements of the picture come together, that's the creative aspect of painting. We once toured the Andrew Wyeth gallery in Maine and there were many painters in the gallery that were just as good technically as Andrew but they fell short on composition. Their paintings looked ordinary compared to Wyeth's.

Good clouds are hard to do, the photo is a poor representation of the original, oh well.
Ann strives for composition and varies reality to suit her idea of the picture. For me, I take a photo and just use that but it's not good enough for an artist. I'll never be a painter.