Fernandina Shallows GPX routes

(updated 5/9//2018, new waypoints added to the southern section for better depths)
As requested, below a the waypoints for manual entry for the red side route which is the only one I now use (twice this year, last time after Matthew, it works for at least 14 MLW).
Waypt     Lat                  Long
BF1 30 39.7920 N 081 28.5311 W
BF2 30 39.8843 N 081 29.0779 W
BF3 30 39.6023 N 081 29.1973 W
BF4 30 39.1168 N 081 29.0000 W
BF5 30 38.8260 N 081 29.0377 W
BF6 30 38.6588 N 081 29.1338 W
BF7 30 38.4848 N 081 29.3008 W
Note: it's okay to round the decimals to three places. The third decimal is about +/- 6 ft

It better to load the GPX file to avoid data entry errors.  The BFernd2 is an update to the previous BFernD1 with more waypoints in the southern section of the passage for better depths. 
GPX file: BFernd2
For help in using GPX files, see  GPX File Use

The red line route is shown below in the survey chart around the G1 turn. Note that it passes 450 feet north of G1! The green stuff shows 2 to 10 ft of depth. In some places it's right next to the channel which is only 125 feet wide. 

Here's the complete route as shown in Aqua Map:

Stay on that red line route!