Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Key West - Statues

All hail to the Key West rooster
Key West can also be a place of illusions but some are better than others. The rooster is king of the streets in Key West and it's only natural that there are statues in his honor. This one is just north of the Bight in an otherwise yard in disarray, sort of like Key West at the moment.

Of course, here's another Key West activity that's dormant for now
We heard from the county executive today and they do not intend opening up Key West (or the Keys) until Miami is opened up to the same or more degree. I think they are fearful that as soon as they lift the US 1 blockage, there will be a flood of people escaping Miami for the warm shores of the Keys. The infection rate has leveled off but it has not gone down yet. It's like the price of gasoline used to be, rapid to go up but it took forever to go down. Now, of course, even that time tested example has been exploded.

So here we sit, unable to move north until the Keys declare an all-clear for marinas to reopen. That could take another month! If we had a boat capable of 20 kts or so, we could make a direct run for it from Key West to Miami but we only do 7 kts at best, not fast enough - and, of course, we have Hoolie to get ashore three times a day - so here we sit until things change.