Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Key West - Fish Hunting

They swam around, constant motion with the occasional jump out of the water
We've seen schools of fish in the marina. They're about 4 to 6 inches long and about 100 in a school, we think, maybe more. You would think they would make an ideal meal for a pelican, osprey, or tarpon. We did see a tarpon cruising through them yesterday but he was not in evidence this afternoon.

This pelican made several passes. We couldn't tell if he caught anything or not.
At any moment, we thought an osprey would dive in front of us but there were none around. Eventually, a lone pelican came by and skimmed the water with his beak. The osprey catches his prey with his claws but the pelican, apparently, uses his beak to flush the fish in. After several passes, we could not tell if he caught anything or not. He tried about a half dozen times. If he did catch something, it was hidden in the large pouch under his beak.

Such is the excitement in Key West at the moment. We had thought the virus had peaked here but with another high day after several days of ones and twos, it has further to go before flattening. So here we sit, waiting for better news.