Saturday, April 18, 2020

Key West - mast climbing

Up, up and away...
Even during the coronavirus attack, boat chores continue. The guy across the way has been up his mast several times in the past three days. He has a self-climbing type rig where he does not need a hoist to go up a line. We watched from afar and were aghast that he did not have a safety line. I cannot understand the logic there. Just because the line has not broken in the past does not guarantee future performance. I guess it's a Darwin selection criteria, people that go up masts on a single line will eventually die out from accidents that are entirely preventable. It defies logic.

Once again, right at the top
The guy survived today and will probably take that as a positive that he can continue doing what he's doing - until it doesn't. Nobody goes up our mast without a safety line, that's for sure! Otherwise, today was a demonstration of heat, 89 as a high with very little wind. It's good weather for going north but the timing is not right, yet. As I've said previously, we need the Keys to open up to transients before we head for Miami;.

Our A/C is keeping pace with the heatwave. We now turn it on at 6:30 am and it runs all day but we do turn it off at 10:00 for the night. We like a quiet night more than a cool night. That may change in the future, but not yet.