Thursday, April 9, 2020

Key West - Anywhere from here

Where do you want to go?
There are still a few iconic spots in Key West along the waterfront, besides Mallory Square. In Key West Bight there's a tower of direction signs, pointing in all directions that have accumulated over the years. No one really controls it, it just seems to grow haphazardly as people add signs. It's been there as long as we've been coming to the island. One of these days, perhaps I'll add Lagrangeville, NY.

Everywhere is accessible
They also have a few anchors scattered about but not of the minor variety, there are really big. They are the type you see in movies of pirates. Between the two anchors is a marker that used to point the way into port but now sits on dry land. They kept the marker but Key West grew up around it.

Anybody for an anchor - old school?
So Key West has changed over the years, inching its way out into the water to grow the land acreage. I think all cities by the sea have evolved the same way. Even the Poughkeepsie YC did the same thing. One wonders if the process is now complete and won't grow anymore. In Key West, at least, I think it's reached its limits. There are watchdogs now to prevent such growth where there didn't used to be. In the meantime, I'll enjoy what's here, waiting for things to calm down, I hope.
This marker used to be on dry land!