Monday, April 27, 2020

Cruising Key West Bight

We've had some bad experiences over the last couple of years when we've started the dinghy motor after an extended layover. I just put the motor up on the rail with no special treatment and when trying to start after several months, it would not. The first time lit cost me $200 and the second time it cost almost $400! Finally, I learned my lesson - which was - to run the outboard dry for an extended absence, anything over a month. The newer motors have very fine needle valves that are relatively easy to gum up. I can go over a year on my 25-year-old snowblower but not on modern outboards. So I learned my lesson with pain of pocketbook! The last two times of extended layover, I've emptied the carburetor by just letting it idle without the gas line attached. After about two minutes, it uses up all the gas in the engine and stops. Now it's easy to restart, no more problems!

Fleetwing is now preparing for a Thursday departure date
To celebrate, I took a tour around the harbor to let the motor drink of gasoline for a while and it ran perfectly. We really, really need a dependable motor for getting Hoolie ashore at anchorages! While motoring around, I took a video just to show the area and how unlike Key West is now compared to its usual liveliness.

Meanwhile, we continue preparing for a Thursday departure date. The weather is ideal for going east and we need to escape from Key West and not get trapped by a developing hurricane.


Bob said...

Great video. Hoolie looks none to happy that he didn't get to go with you! Great shot of him as you returned. Best luck for all the prep and safe travels as you head back. Things are gradually calming down - the key indicator in CT is number of hospitalized cases - that number leveled off about 10 days ago, and has dropped for the past 5 days. Be safe, stay healthy.

Billie said...

Safe travels, you three.