Monday, July 12, 2021

The 2021 ICW Cruising Guide edition is now available in both paperback and eBook versions. It also includes a 25% discount coupon for charts for Aqua Map.

New in the 2021 Edition:
- 150 updated charts will guide you through the shallow areas so you can enjoy the ICW and stay out of the mud!

- Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) surveys have been added to all charts where available. Much of the Florida ICW did not have color-coded depths, no more, the FIND charts provide much needed depth detail for Florida waters.
- Max Parker, VP of Yard Operations for Zimmerman Marine, contributed a 6 page article on "How to ICW Proof Your Engine", what to look for and do before starting out and while underway. For many boaters, starting out on the ICW is the first time they've run their engines for extended periods of time, Max has seen it all. Prevention is the key but you've got to know what you're looking for.
- Hank Pomeranz's 23 page introduction to weather planning continues, it's an excellent start in understanding weather.

- Many updates have been made to all the chapters:
  • How to Prepare Your House for an Extended Absence (new, easy to use webcams and more)
  • How to Prepare Yourself for an Extended Absence (tips learned the hard way)
  • Outfitting a Boat for Cruising the ICW (calling a bridge, passing, getting off a dock when pinned by wind, how to tell an ICW buoy from a river buoy, and much more)
  • The Cook Speaks (we learned the benefits of an Instant Pot)
  • Staying Informed while Cruising (many good apps are out there, which ones do I find the most useful?)
  • Basic Knowledge on the ICW (I cover what you need to know when cruising the ICW)
  • ICW University (a deep dive into topics such as when to trust (and not trust) Aqua Map and the USACE surveys, Navionics SonarCharts, buoys, etc. 11 topics are covered and I'll go into more details as the July 15 date approaches
- Technology continues to advance and I cover what's new with many changes to previous recommendations. The Guide has expanded to 275 full color pages.