Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Interlude - To Long Island Sound for four weeks

There are scenic mountains on both sides of the Hudson River
We have a tradition in our family of going to the Sound for the summer and taking along grandchildren. This year there are two along for the event, Matthew and Sarah with Sarah earning her Fleetwing jacket this trip!

So we got off around 11:00 and headed south down the Hudson River. We have always found it to be a very pretty ride but today it was very hot with a high of 94 in the cockpit but it did cool off in the late afternoon. Even at 9:30 tonight, it's still 82 outside. However, with the genset running (after the universal "hammer" fix) we have the TV going playing Rio and the AC pumping out 50 degree air, nice.

Tappen Zee  Bridge at night
We chose the Hook Mountain anchorage after seeing the winds out of the west kick up, making the Croton Point anchorage not the best choice given the exposure from that direction. It's a nice, uncrowded anchorage with a view of the Tappen Zee bridge, pretty at night with all the lights.

On Sunday we're headed through the East River and on to Manhasset for one of the free moorings. It's still predicted to be in the 90's but it's supposed to cool off after that.