Monday, April 6, 2020

Key West - Roosters and Hens and chicks

The Key West rooster in all his glory
Key West is famous for the roosters that roam free and six-toed cats. The roosters are everywhere and they somehow seem to avoid being run over. All cars stop for them if they want to cross over a street, no contest. The roosters are brightly colored but the hens not so much.

things start out promising
Then reality sets in
At first, you'll see hens with quite a brood of chicks but as the year progresses, the brood gets smaller and smaller. Still, there are plenty of roosters and hens so enough survive to sustain the population. The roosters are mostly all look-alikes but not all. There are a few oddballs pitched in to keep things interesting. They mostly hide in the corners but you see them once in awhile.

And the misfit is over in the corner
It's starting to warm up big time. The highs are typically in the lowe 80's now and we run the A/C in the afternoons. Ann does her painting in the cockpit and I'm downstairs doing taxes, Facebook stuff, or articles for Waterway Guide. It's the same sort of work we would be doing if we were up north at home - except we're warmer, just waiting for the things to settle down.