Friday, September 30, 2022

Stingray Point in Deltaville - Awaiting launch


Nicely polished with new bottom paint

We arrived in Deltaville on Monday and spent the next three days furiously working on Fleetwing to get ready for a Friday launch. The work included bottom paint on both Fleetwing and the inflatable dinghy, zinc replacement on the prop, sanding down to bare wood on all the teak and then applying two coats of Semco Goldtone stain, putting up the dodger - in the end we were limp. We were due to be launched Friday but with winds in the 30 kt range with heavy rain and higher gusts, it was not to be. The marina does not work on the weekends so it’s Monday for the next available launch date. 

Teak was sanded down to bare wood and stained with Semco Goldtone - not bad for a 2004 boat

Ian had other plans for us anyway. It turned north and went across Florida and reentered by Charleston but that wasn’t enough. Now the remnants are headed directly across our path south - crossing North Carolina in front of us. It would be nice to have a boring trip south without all this “excitement”. My heart goes out to all the residents on the west coast of Florida - what devastation. The east coast is seeing some of that but nothing like around Ft Walton. 

We’re just above that green line - Iam is doing good blocking!

For us now, it’s a waiting game for a window through all the high winds to dash south.The earliest day we now see is Wednesday but more probably Thursday down the Chesapeake to Norfolk. Before we leave, I have to be sure we have a place to store Fleetwing for November through January, before we continue out trip south to Key West. We may be doing more anchoring out than normal for us but that’s okay. Key West Bight Marina was not affected and Titusville looks okay too but both are crowded in case you don’t already have reservations. 

After three days of heavy activity getting Fleetwing ready, now it’s a waiting game for the weather to clear. I will be giving two presentations on Saturday at Regatta Point YC in Deltaville: How to use Bob423 Tracks and the Status of the ICW. They are ready to go and I added some lessons learned from past hurricanes that should be helpful. We’re on land in the only motel in Deltaville, waiting, waiting… 

Meanwhile, it’s a wild night with a steady 35 kt wind, gusts to 45 kts, and torrential rain - being driven sideways. I’m glad we’re safe and sound in a motel until this passes.