Friday, April 3, 2020

Key West - Renovations

Renovation Time! No access for five months!
The city marina is old. The other marinas have passed it by in the measure of facilities for boaters. The showers were ancient and toilets were few. Finally, the city decided a renovation was in order and started on the project this week for the city marina showers and heads. When I asked how long it would take, the dockmaster just smiled and said it's due to be done by August - but in Key West we always double the number of days to get anything done. I said I was familiar with that from the time I spent in the Caribbean, it's called "island time" which does not equal our time, it's always longer, much longer.

A very odd view of the dinghy dock at Key West, where is everybody?
Hopefully, we're out of here by the time it's finished but that means we have to send our laundry out to be done since the laundry is part of the upgrading project. We tried that for the first time this past Thursday and it worked out better than I expected. Okay, I thought, we can handle passing the laundry bag to the guy on the dock and getting it back about two hours later, good service, plus it keeps us out of crowds. The clothes come back clean and pressed, not hard to take.

As you would expect, the dinghy dock is not at all crowded anymore. You want a dock, no problem, just motor right up (but pay the monthly fee). We're up to 38 cases here in Monroe County, higher than I wanted but better than most anywhere else for the same population.