Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Key West - Oil change, getting ready to depart

Just enjoying the warm weather and the sunset at the Western Union pier
We are checking off things to do before leaving on Thursday. Yesterday it was being sure the outboard motor started and today it was provisioning and changing the oil on the diesel. Once again we had all the groceries delivered right to the dock, we never entered a store. I went across the street to pick up the oil for the diesel and that consisted of me calling the marine store in advance and them meeting me in their parking lot with a case of oil. I never went in a store there either. Such is the new normal.

Dennis tests a new sail
All we have left is to get the bottom scrubbed so we can make our usual 7.3 kts north, which is important for the long legs, those 10ths of a knot add up quickly. We are looking forward to getting out of hurricane range before the hurricane season sets in. There are enough marinas open on the way north that we don't anticipate a problem stopping at night.

Our freezer is packed full, our cupboard is full, we are ready to go!


Fred Brillo said...

Great video... My how things have changed over the years... Ive got a photo that I must scan and send to you. It was taken back in the 80s standing behind the Key West Raw Bar. There are no yachts. It s just rows and rows of old wooden Shrimp boats. Back then, that area was a commercial fishing dock and it smelled like it too.

Right next to the Turtle Kraals was the Shrimp Net repair shop...where they repaired torn nets.

Key West was alot different back then...before the cruise ships started going there.