Thursday, April 2, 2020

Key West - Osprey Harassment

He's about to take off! 
We occasionally get a bird perched on top of our mast. It provides a magnificent view, I guess, of the surrounding territory. The trouble is that they tend to "let go" from that perch and I have to clean it up.

In the air!
Given that, I encourage the bird to move, in this case, an Osprey. I'mi sure he was surveying this domain for food from his high perch. I was not keen on that idea due to past experience with what's left. So I pounded on the shrouds but it had no effect. I tried the halyards, same result. Then I went forward and pulled back and forth on the furled jib and that did the trick, off he flew.

There he goes!
Dennis, the one that runs the Breezin charter was near and he took photos of the event which I've included in tonight's blog. The last entry is a video of the Osprey flying away. They truly are beautiful birds but you really do not want them at the top of your mast.