Sunday, April 19, 2020

Key West - Even Flagler is wearing a mask

Henry Flagler - railroad builder to Key West - properly outfitted for the coronavirus outbreak
Henry Flagler built a railroad to Key West and he's something of a hero in the area. They have museums in his honor and statues all over the place. There's even a statue down by Key West Bight and someone thought it was appropriate for the statue to also wear a mask in these days of the coronavirus pandemic.  It's also the place where the train shuttle would be leaving but it's vacant now.

Really large leaves for a vine climbing a tree
Everything seems to grow bigger down here. Up north we have these small vines that circle the trees which are some form of ivy and in some cases poison ivy. Down here, the leaves of the climbing ivy are much, much bigger than up north. The trees and vines seem to grow together okay so I guess they get along. Still, it looks odd seeing such large leaves on trees that have much smaller leaves for themselves.

The "forever" car
We passed by an old truck that has been there at least 10 years and probably much longer. The truck is old but the flowers persevere from year to year. It's nice to admire when walking along in the morning.