Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Key West - Ghost Town

An incredibility busy area, usually
I don't know how Duval is looking since we stick pretty close to Key West Bight but it sure looks like a ghost town around here. We had one other transient boat by us and they decided to stay another month. They go out to fish almost every day. The only entertainment is from finding something to do inside but then that's the same situation we would be in at home up north, except it's warmer here.

Where all the party boats dock - but not now
If you go inside any establishment to buy food, you're expected (the law) to wear a facemask and thanks to handmade ones from Monique that arrived yesterday, we're all set in that department. Nevertheless, we'll still be having our groceries delivered and laundry done for us. If we're going to all this trouble, we might as well make the shelter in home order complete.

So the days are passing and we'll see how things develop over the next few weeks.