Thursday, April 16, 2020

Key West - Three story buildings and sunset

All empty, of course
There are very few three-story buildings in Key West but this is one of them. Key West maintains a tight control on building height, a general maximum of 40 feet is the rule here. Evidently, there are a few exceptions but the general rule applies. Of course, there are a few hotels that exceed that max but there' on "Hotel Row" where you see 10 or 20 story buildings along the beaches like in other places along the Florida coast.

brillant red!
We had a virtual cocktail party with Ann and Leathem Mahaffey in New York this afternoon on Zoom. We usually get together every couple of weeks but with the virus and us being in Key West, that was not happening so Leathem scheduled a meeting on Zoom. With that, we chatted for about an hour discussing all sorts of things and had a great time. We were sweltering in 89-degree heat while Ann and Leathem were in the 30's.  It was fun to see old friends, even virtually.

A hot sunset
Even at 7:30 pm, the temperature is still 83F here. I took Hoolie out for a short walk and then retreated back to our A/C boat. We used to turn on the A/C around 3:00 in the afternoon but with the summertime type heat, t's more like 8:00 am now. It's getting warm here.