Friday, April 17, 2020

Key West - Schooner Wharf Specials

Tyupical Key West transportation - what is it?
Schooner Wharf has a full takeout menu which consists of their regular menu packaged for takeout. However, they do have some menu items unique to the virus problem. With one selection, you get a complimentary roll of toilet paper! How's that for a creative entree?

Such a deal!
They have signs at the entrance that they only have takeout but that also includes alcoholic drinks too. Schooner Wharf is all open-air anyway, it's not as if the customers are inside an enclosed area like a traditional bar. So Schooner Wharf is surviving, I guess. They can't be doing all that much business but they are alive.

We had our second load of laundry do today with pickup and drop off right at the bow of Fleetwing, I could get used to that. Just how do they get the sheets folder so neatly? The laundry always comes back in about 1/2 the volume that we send out.

The standard sign in Key West
More heat today, up to 89 this afternoon, we're fine as long as the A/C keeps chugging away. We also got our third load of groceries delivered too. The Winn Dixie website has their entire inventory on line and you just pick out what you want and a "shopper" collects the items and delivers them to the boat. With the laundry, it's our way of staying out of crowds and self isolating.