Saturday, April 11, 2020

Key West - Flower Power

This is actually a tree and it's just now coming into full bloom
The virus news is never-ending and not particularly inspiring. For me, it's back to basics of enjoying what's around me. The beauty of Key West and the glorious weather. We limit our virus news, there is so much of it, even a limited amount overwhelms the senses. For such times, we take walks and look at the local flowers. More and more are starting to bloom and we greatly enjoy just admiring them.

To me, it's a pretty flower which also grows on a tree
Social distancing has become the norm, so much so that it's starting to become socially unacceptable to not wear a face mask. I think we have some on the way in the mail. Once we start going north and pull into a marina, I think it would be imperative to wear a mask. Already in Key West, about half the people you meet in the street are wearing a face mask. Going north, it will probably be almost 100%.

One of these days, I'll learn the names of all these flowers, maybe that's a task for another time, it sounds like work. Ann says it's going to be a rude awakening when we starting moving again and have a tight schedule where things have to be done! Until then, the days pass by quickly, biding our time.


captainwjm said...

Bob, check out the "Picture This" app for your smartphone. It allows you to take a picture of a flower, and then will tell you the name of the plant. It's quick and free.

M/Y Travis McGee
Islamorada, Fla. Keys

Unknown said...

great news