Saturday, April 4, 2020

Key West - Some close, some stay open - cops around

BOs Fishwagon looks a little lonely
BOs Fishwagon is still open for takeout although they don't seem to be doing much business. Waling along Elizabeth Street, Harpoon Harry is open for takeout but New Market next door is closed. The sign on the door said it was only for two weeks due to a concern about bringing the virus back home to elderly relatives, understandable.

Harpoon Harry's is still open for takeout too
There was a great commotion by Only Wood and the workout center. I counted eight Key West police cars with their lights blinking at the scene. I never figured out what the issue was but the cops were out of their cars talking to a group on the sidewalk. I didn't realize that Key West even had eight police cars!

I didn't know there were eight police cars in all of Key West - they all must have been here!
As we sit on the back of Fleetwing, we're watching two police officers walk along the dinghy dock and we're guessing they are looking for people not allowed in. Key West is closed to tourists and anyone new coming from somewhere else. The US1 blockade is still in effect and the police are to enforce the marine rules of no new transients too. As I'm typing this, Ann just called me and said the police just took someone off a dinghy in a stretcher (7:20 pm). That's kinds of scary although we don't know the cause of the problem yet which leaves it to our imagination for the moment. I'll find out tomorrow morning when I talk to the dockmaster. 

Meanwhile, we had a great dinner of Skillet Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms. Ann found the recipe in a magazine and it went together beautifully. We do eat well on Fleetwing!