Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mattapoisett Before the Storm

Ahoy its Matt. I had a great day. I woke up at the same time but not by the dog HA HA oh not funny. That really hurt yesterday. Well a huge storm was on its way and had to walk the dog fast. Then we had wonderful pancakes and sausage. Mmmmmm. Then we left Cuttyhunk to go to Mattapoisett. I worked in the yellow bag of evil. Then I drew in my booklet. After that we put up the sails and sailed most of the way and I stayed in the cockpit for a will. Then I drew some more and we motored into Mattapoisett. We got a mooring and then It pored and I drew some more. After it stooped I pumped a inch of water out of the dink before it started to rain again. Talk to you later dinner is going to come soon.
PS Water was 64 degrees today wish I could swim.

We awoke to a morning storm and had an all hands on board drill to get Hoolie ashore before the storm hit us. Quickly into the dinghy and on to shore. Hoolie was cooperative and just as we returned, the rains came. We tracked the storm's progress on NOAA radar via the internet and saw a gap in the storms which we took advantage of around 10:30 to head for Mattapoisett, MA. It's across the bay from Cuttyhunk and a short distance from the Cape Cod Canal. We actually got to sail part of the way but then saw the next storm coming and motored to beat the storm.

As we approached Mattapoisett, the second storm gathered and it hit just after we had picked up a mooring, whew! Nice having the NOAA radar. Onward to Sandwich tomorrow.