Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rockland Again - Rain and Fog and a Serenade

Ahoy its Matt. today I woke up and we had scrambled eggs. Then we decided to stay in Rockland another day. After that I read in my book. When we left the marina office we saw Hoolie in the parking lot (Ed. note: Hoolie figured out how to escape off the boat even with the side curtains installed, luckily he ran into Ann before going too far). We went to a museum to see Andrew Wyeth paintings. Then we went to the book store again and found the Rockland Cafe. Returned to find Grandpa still working on our little problem from yesterday. Then I read in my book for a long time. Then I helped Grandpa and read some more. For dinner we went to the Rockland Café and I had spaghetti and meatballs mmmm. Write to you tomorrow. PS I have read 250 pages and I got the book two days ago.

We awoke to a heavy rain and dense fog, so we said, what the heck (kid aboard...) and stayed another day. We're right next door to the Coast Guard station and they evidently have a wide selection of horns, speakers, bells, whistles, etc. Now, how do they know if they all still work? Well, the answer is they have to test them every morning, who knows, they may have stopped working overnight! So in the morning we are serenaded with the sounds of test chirps. Something like, "whamp-whamp, toooot, bing-bing, blarrre", etc. After that bit of activity,they take the Coast Guard cutter out, usually twice a day with the crew all decked out in life vests, seemed like a lot for one boat (see photo).

Ann treated us all to dinner tonight and asked around for a recommendation and we settled on the Rockland Café. We told it's where all the locals go. Upon arriving we found a line running out the door and had to wait for 15 minutes or so. It was clear that fried seafood was their specialty so Ann and I had their seafood platter, the regular size as opposed to "large" and "all you can eat" We were going to get an appetizer but the waitress advised against that based on the size of the main meal. When the plates arrived, we were glad we took her advice! The seafood was excellent. I can't say it was as good as Lenny's in Branford but it was the closest we've found so far.

Meanwhile, I finished replacing the electrical line between the AC panel and the forward head AC outlet that controlled all the starboard AC outlets - including the galley, most important. The biggest problem was stringing the AC line through the hull liner, around bends and behind the side benches. I finally got it done and everything works again.

On the way back from the diner, the fog really closed in and gave everything an eerie look as we walked the dog for his evening outing. Sunday is supposed to be clear and warm, let's hope so!