Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ahoy its Matt. Today I woke up and had oatmeal. Then we left Boothbay to go to Maple Juice Cove. When we left I read the whole way. In between reading I had lunch. When we arrived I went swimming in water 63 degrees. Then when I was swimming I had a swimming lesson and swam without my life jacket for the first time in water 10 or more feet taller than me. Then we had fudge mmmm. Then I read some more. Then I played my DS. Afterwords I set up for a movie. Write to you tomorrow. PS I can start the dink again and have for the past three days

We had a lazy morning, the best kind on a cruise. We finally got off the mooring at 9:00 and headed for Maple Juice Cove after breakfast in the cockpit, warmed by the rising sun. We had a wonderful sail with winds out of the northwest of 10 to 15 kts. In the direction we were headed, it was a broad reach all the way. I noticed that the number of lobster buoys were definitely less than last year, perhaps 1/2 the number. That's not to say there weren't a lot which required a lot of dodging but still less than before.

Our anchorage is completely protected from all swells and waves. It's only 10 feet at low tide so we don't require much scope and we're as calm as being on land. The surrounding countryside is just beautiful, typical Maine scenery - green pine trees, white houses (but not very many), blue skies and birds to watch. We also saw our first porpoise today swimming around in our cove. We found a spot for Hoolie at a nearby deserted island and he romped around for awhile. I grilled fillet mignon on the back of the boat and Ann baked chocolate brownies for dessert, great! Just a perfect Maine day. We're off to Rockland tomorrow.