Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Sail to Round Island

Ahoy it’s Matt. Today I woke up when the dink was leaving. We had sourdough toast. Then I went swimming and it was 61 degrees. I was diving very good. I was even able to climb into the dink. Then we went ashore and had a picnic. I climbed on rocks and we left after we came back ashore. Then we saw seals basking in the sun. Then we sailed to Billings Diesel and on the way we saw a cruise ship. Then we crept going to Round Island. I drew the whole way. Then I attempted to jump off the swim platform but my foot caught on the swim ladder oowwwwwwwwww. (Ed. Note to Matt’s mom, foot okay, just very sore) Write to you tomorrow.PS the water in Round Island is 60 degrees

It was another perfect Maine day. So after Matthew went for a swim, Ann put together a picnic lunch and we dinked ashore to the nearest island. We sat on a granite ledge next to a pine forest and savored the view of the ospreys, pine scent and watched Matt do one of his favorite things, climbing rocks! The wind picked up in the afternoon to around 10kts so we headed for Billings Diesel at Stonington for fuel and a refill of water. The route to Round Island is right through the densest of the lobster pots since Stonington is a stronghold of lobster fishermen. Perhaps in other areas of Maine the pots are not as thick but in this stretch, the appeared as dense as ever. We anchored at our favorite spot and watched the sunset, what a day!
Once again I had no internet connection, oh well, hope everyone is patient. Spot still works for finding where we’re at even when the internet doesn’t