Friday, July 24, 2009

Pickering Cove to Weather the Storm

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and played my DS until everyone was back on the boat. Then we had ham and cheese omelet mmmm. Then we watched a movie. After that we had lunch and it was tomato soup with nachos mmmm. Then we watched Erogon. During the movie I complained about how close it is to Lord of the Rings. Then I drew for the rest of the time. Write to you tomorrow. PS it was poring all day with short breaks. (Ed. Note: One of Matt's drawings is shown)

Today was the day to weather the storm. We had not realize that today’s storm was the remnant of a tropical depression. We found a good hidey hole in Pickering Cove with good protection and settled in to weather the high winds and rain. However, the winds only topped out at 25 or so but it did rain all day long. Regardless of the pouring rain, Hoolie still needed to get ashore so Ann and I donned our full rain gear but Hoolie only had his fur although it’s remarkably water repellant. We returned dry but Hoolie had to be toweled off a lot.

Ann did some cheering up with a breakfast ham and cheese omelet followed up by a roast chicken for the evening meal. In between we read our books and watched movies. We’re working our way through a second viewing of Prehistoric Park, a special by the Discovery channel that is a must see if you like dinosaurs. It’s modeled after jungle safaris that capture wild animals except the animals they capture lived millions of years ago. They use a time machine as a device to travel to the animals’ habitats. It’s very well done.
The storm has passed now and we hope to travel back into Penobscot Bay for the rest of Matthew’s stay with us. He’ll be 12 on August 1 and his dad will pick him up for the trip back in Rockland.