Monday, July 6, 2009

Scituate - Rock Climbing

Ahoy its me Matt. Today I woke up and had cereal for breakfast. Then we left Sandwich and I was announced first mate. Then I watched Muppets Treasure Island. Then made lunch and drove the boat a little. After that I played my DS. Then I got the mooring for the second time. After that we went ashore. I climbed on the break water and swam in the water nearby. Then went swimming off the back of the boat and dived perfectly (Ed note: Nana gave lessons). Write to you tomorrow, bye.

For the last three days we've had great winds, 15 kts with gusts to 20 but today when we went to Scituate we had no wind at all, such is sailing. However, we had full sunshine, temperatures in the 70's and flat seas for motoring so it wasn't so bad. We had made a reservation with Situate Boat Club the day before and our mooring was waiting for us. Matthew once again snagged the mooring by himself on the first try, way to go Matt!

Scituate has a great breakwater just right for kids to climb all over and a sand beach to wade in. Since the beach is behind the breakwater, there's no wave action but it's perfect for floating. The water is relatively warm at 65F and Matthew stayed in the "bath water" (as he calls it) for over 2 hours. Even Hoolie got in the act by learning how to climb the rocks of the breakwater. He hesitated at first but then got with the program and was running back and forth on the rocks with me in tow.

What I've noticed all over the Sound and points east is that the yacht clubs all seem to have an active youth sailing group. In every harbor we've been in, we've seen sailing dinghies of all sizes and sailors of all age groups out in the evening. Scituate was no different. We went through a throng of small sailboats on the way in and saw more once in the harbor itself. They are ensuring their future by training their kids, a good lesson to be learned by PYC I would think.

Tomorrow it's on to Gloucester and a town mooring but it sounds like another motoring day.


Anonymous said...

congratulation, frist Mate!!

Love, mom