Friday, July 17, 2009

Rockland Still - Electrical Problems

Ahoy its Matt. Today I woke up and read in my book. We had scones for breakfast after Nana screwed up the boat's starboard side outlets. Then Nana and I went for a walk while Grandpa tried to fix it. When we returned I read in my book for a long time. Then Nana and I played Munchins and Nana won. I read for a long time again and got a glass of lemonade. That was it write tomorrow. PS I am on page 133 and I got the book yesterday.

Today was not a fun day. It all started in the morning when Ann turned on the microwave and electric coffee maker at the same time. It's been done in the past with no problems but today it resulted in the starboard AC sockets going out. Normally all I have to do is reset the GFI switch on that side but this time that tactic didn't work. Strange I thought, perhaps it's a bad connection so I checked all the connections at both the AC distribution box and at the AC outlet. All connections looked good, still no juice. Following that I disconnected the GFI box and measured the incoming line voltage, zero was the reading. It was 120v at the AC distribution box and the other two AC outlet circuits were working fine. It's hard to believe that the Ancor wiring between the AC box and AC outlet was at fault but that's what the readings said. There are no fuses in the circuit except for the one circuit breaker for all three AC outlets which didn't trip. With everything disconnected, I measured the resistances on the Ancor wiring and found the white wire open! With that I paid Hamilton Marine a visit and bought 100 feet of 14/2 tinned wiring and proceeded to attempt to string wiring in the boat. That's easier said than done, it didn't want to go where I wanted it to and it's still not in place. I gave up at 5:00, no fooling with happy hour! I'll try again tomorrow.

We had fog in the morning and it's rolling in again tonight. We'll leave the dock tomorrow and probably head for Seal Bay to await better weather. Meanwhile there was lots of activity at the Coast Guard station with one Coastie trying out a survival suit by swimming around in the harbor between us and the station. Hope I have better luck tomorrow.