Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Day at Boothbay

Ahoy its Matt. Today I woke up and read in my book and had a omelet mmmm. Then we did the wash. Then I worked in the yellow bag of the devil. Then we made beds and put away clothing. Afterwords we had lunch at Kalers and I had a awesome chicken wrap. Then we walked around town. Then I played my DS. Write to you tomorrow. (Ed. Matt had a double dip ice cream cone after he wrote the blog!)
It was a beautiful day for touring town, sunny and warm, well it was above 70 anyway. Doing laundry took most of the morning. There were about half a dozen sailboats that were on their way east and most of them took a mooring at Tugboat Inn in order to use their excellent laundry facilities. The fact of cruising is that you've got to wash clothes once in awhile and finding a convenient marina makes everything easier.

Boothbay is a great place for finding good buys on sweatshirts and all kinds of outerwear. A typical sweatshirt will cost $10 to $20. A cap with Boothbay logo for $5 to $10. A mooring is only $26. It's a fun place with lots to do and good places to eat. Today we returned to Kalers, a local seafood restaurant that's been in business for years and offers good, reasonably priced meals.

Today I found a free internet connection that can be accessed all over the harbor offered by Rocktide Inn. The connection does not require any passwords and XP has no trouble connecting to it. It's one of the choices that come up when a search is done for wireless connections in XP.

Tomorrow we're headed for Maple Juice Cove, the home of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" house. Once in the harbor you can see it off the back of the boat. Neat.


Anonymous said...

Looks to Good !!! Stop having so much fun you guys!!