Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ahoy its Matt. Today we had French toast mmmm. Then we left Maple Juice Cove. On the way I read in my book and played my ds. Then I drove the boat for a while. I navigated around lobster pots. Then I read the rest of the way to Rockland. When we arrived Nana made some clam chowder. We went and got a Halti for Hoolie. Then Grandpa and I went to the book store and I got a great book. When we got back I read my new book. After that I watched a movie in my hide out (Ed. Matt puts up pillows and cushions as a wall in his aft cabin to shut out the light for watching a movie, a "hide out"). Then we had dinner and it was pork chops. Write to you tomorrow I got to go now.

It was another day of motoring in light winds to reach Rockland for a dock. We passed Owl's Head lighthouse which we usually don't see due to fog but today was fog free. The lobster pots were thick when we passed by Tenants Harbor but they still weren't as numerous as last year. We wanted to stop by Rockland to buy a Halti for Hoolie. It's like a halter used on a horse but it's for a dog. There was a pet store in Rockland that had all sizes. Hoolie wasn't too enthused at first and he's still not comfortable with it but it sure stopped the constant pulling.

From here on out we just plan on sailing, we're in no particular rush to get anywhere and it's a great area for lazy sailing. We'll look at the wind direction tomorrow morning and chose our anchorage.
PS, our dock is right behind the Coast Guard station, good thing we have our inspection sticker from Family Day.