Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Holbrook Harbor - A Sail Through Fog

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I got up and curled up on the settee. Then we had pancakes for breakfast. I had 6 minis and 1 regular pancake. Then I cleaned the anchor which had mud, rocks, and shells on it. Then we left Pickering Island to go to Holbrook. Then I pulled the jib out. We sailed through the fog. I sailed for 10-20 minutes. Then we tacked the sails and I pulled it to port side (left). I drew for the rest of the way. We had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. Then I drew for the rest of the afternoon. I drew Nana and it came out pretty good. Then we went ashore to run the dog around. We went back to the boat and I drew some more. Write to you tomorrow.

We awoke to a world of fog. The windjammer that anchored nearby was really noisy in the morning. The guests on board were enlisted to help pull the sails up to loud “Heave Hos”. They disappeared in the fog shortly thereafter. I guess if you go on a windjammer cruise, you’re expected to help with the crew duties.

Ann made pancakes with blueberry syrup and after a trip ashore for dog duty, we weighed anchor and set out. With our radar and GPS chartplotter, finding our way was no problem. We had enough wind to make progress and after awhile, the wind picked up enough for Matthew to sail all by himself. He’s learning the feel of the boat and shortly will take his turn at the wheel on a regular basis.

Ann called New York and heard of an approaching storm which is supposed to reach us tonight although the winds and rain predicted are quite mild compared to home. We can withstand winds from any direction in our harbor tonight so we’re not worried. Thursday we’re headed for Belfast at a dock for a day to fill our water tanks and get some provisions. We should be able to sail over if the forecast holds.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your all having a great time. we're so proud of you matt.
Love, Mom and Dad