Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cuttyhunk and Lies, Lies, all Lies...

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke with a dog foot in my face. Hoolie jumped on my face when we were going to take him ashore. Then I curled up in the v berth and slept for 3 hours. Then I woke up to fog with a tenth of a mile visibility. I drew some more and watched for lobster pots. After that we anchored out side of the break water. We went ashore on the inside of the break water and I waded a little then came in the other side and I floated around. Then we came back and I made a gold ribbon landing(Ed. note: he grabbed the dinghy lines on the boat on the first try) . Then I swam off the back of the boat. After that I worked in the Yellow bag of bad things (Ed. note: homework!) and then we had dinner and a group of sail boats anchored really close to the Fleetwing. Talk to you next time. P.S. Oh the water was 54 degrees today in Cuttyhunk.

Listening to the "Morning Lies" from NOAA it was supposed to be spotty fog followed by 10 kts of wind out of the south which would have been excellent for our trip to Cuttyhunk from Block Island. Instead all we saw was thick fog all the way and wind exactly on the nose out of the NE at first and when we turned towards Cuttyhunk, it came out of the east. Once we were anchored, the wind obediently turned to our of the southeast and the fog cleared. So much for NOAA!

We decided to anchor this time instead of picking up a mooring and about half of the boats there did the same thing. The moorings were empty. I can just imagine a town board meeting saying, "we need more revenue and since we had X mooring rentals last year, we'll just raise the mooring rate and rake in the additional revenue". Well guess what, boaters decided the mooring rate was too high at $35 and just anchored instead so the town got less money than they would have gotten by keeping the rates the same. Of course the people I talked to in town are impervious to such logic, it's all the economy according to them. Pointing out to them that with the economy such as it is, it might bring in more revenue by LOWERING prices instead of raising them which would attract more customers. As expected, this argument is lost on the local residents. Well, the economy is teach them.

Actually, anchoring outside is quite nice, there's more boats out here than in the anchorage in town! We'll definitely do this more often. Matthew had fun running the dinghy today although it's getting hard to start, gotta look at that.


Anonymous said...

I should of sent you with long jons instead of a bathing suit.

Grandpa the school board has the same logic when it comes to our school budget,as your locials.