Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Northeast Harbor - Internet At Last but Lots of Rain

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and had pancakes for breakfast mmmm. Then I drew for a while. Then we left Round Island to go to North East Harbor. Then I continued to draw in my booklet. Then I read in the cockpit for the rest of the trip. Then when we got here I drew for a long time (Ed. Note: Matthew is taking drawing lessons from Ann) and then we went ashore. Then we went to the grocery store to get more supplies. Then we got back to the boat I got the laptop out and we watched a movie. When we were done I watch another movie. Write to you tomorrow. (Ed. Note: Matt enjoys his calls home)

It looked like from the forecast that the weather was going to turn cool and rainy for the next few days so we headed for Northeast Harbor in Mt Desert. We always liked Northeast Harbor and there’re lots of things for a kid to do. First off we had to make a resupply trip to the local market followed by a trip by me to the library which had a free WiFi connection. At last I’m caught up. It looks like the only place I’ll have internet coverage is this harbor, Southwest and then the next place is back in Penobscot Bay, groan…

The market did have fresh fish and Ann bought some for dinner. One of the joys of cruising is having a great meal after relaxing with wine in the cockpit. Ann has become a fan of Jacques Pepin and his way of cooking quick and delicious meals. All of his recipes for an appetizer, main dish and dessert and be completed in 30 minutes, perfect for a boat. He was featured most recently on the Create channel for ½ hour sessions on recipes out of his book, “Fast Food My Way”. He once was the personal cook for the president of France. For tonight Ann prepared fillet of sole with mushroom sauce. For vegetables we had Spanish yellow rice and fresh yellow squash. Dessert was skillet apple charlotte. There was not a crumb left of anything. Matt and I finished off what Ann didn’t serve with the first helpings. With that we didn’t care what happened outside, we had a great time eating.

Unfortunately, as I write this it’s pouring outside, a real gully washer. We heard on the weather summary that Maine is way ahead of their normal rainfall amount for July (surprise, surprise…) We’re probably ahead in New York too. If this weather continues, we’ll stay over in Northeast Harbor another day before heading back west. The boat in the photo was with us in Rockland at the same marina. There are lots of big boats here, Northeast Harbor is one of the premiere harbors of Maine.