Friday, July 10, 2009

On to Portsmouth and a Whale!

Ahoy it's Matt. I woke up and had cereal. Then we left for Portsmouth. Then I read my book until we saw a whale! That was 40 feet long, that's close to the length of the boat. Afterwords I played Mad Libs with Grandpa and Nana. I finished my book and played Cosmic Wimpout with Grandpa. Then when we arrived I went swimming in the pool here. We took a courtesy car to the store and we went back to the boat. Then we had sea food salad for an appetizer. Wright to you tomorrow. PS That was the first whale I've seen in the wild and last night I went to my first concert

The highlight of the day was the whale sighting. I was at the helm and the seas were very calm so any disturbance was easily visible. I noticed movement off to my right and saw a large dark object in the water. Watching it for awhile, it became clear that it was a whale - and it was big - at least compared to our boat. We were only about 4 miles off shore and a whale sighting is rare that close in. It's the first time we've seen a whale on our cruises to Maine.

I commented to Matt last night on the concert we went to that I didn't recognize the songs and neither did Matt so I figured the music was younger than me but older than Matthew (golden 90's?) Still, Matthew enjoyed his first concert and had two slices of pizza and fried dough, such fun.

Leaving Gloucester, we once again passed the twin lighthouses on the way north. I always wondered why they built two identical lighthouses so close together.

In Portsmouth, we're at the Wentworth again but we didn't get the Mercedes courtesy car this time, we got the Pontiac instead, ugh. However, it was nice to drive to a supermarket and stock up. There's a forecast for high winds later in the afternoon on Saturday so we plan on getting an early start, around 6:00 am before they set in. However, the high winds are out of the south so they will be behind us as we go north, taking a bite out of the force.


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