Monday, July 27, 2009

Castine Again - More Fog and Rain

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I got up and played my DS. Then when Nana and Grandpa returned from shore we had breakfast. It was a cheese, egg,saucage, and baggel sandwich mmmm. Then I did some work in the yelow bag of evil things from heck. Then I had lunch, a bowl of mac & cheese. Then we went ashore and we had a walk. We got movies at a rental store. Then we came back and watched one of the movies, “The Worlds Fastest Indian”.(Ed Note: That’s about a guy who drove an Indian motorcycle to a world’s record.). Then I played my DS. Write to you tomorrow dinner is on the way. PS We stayed in Castine because of all the fog.

Once again we got into full rain gear (see photo) for the morning dog relief. The rain was coming down in buckets but it stopped on our way back to the boat. By the way, have you ever seen a dinghy dock that wasn’t chocker block full of dinghies? No matter how big the dinghy dock, it’s always full to the brim, it’s one of those truths of nature and it was no different at Castine.

Castine had a number of free WiFi connections but they were barely accessible from the boat but could be easily accessed on land. One of these days I’ll get a WiFi antenna but for now I’m just using the antenna in my laptop, a Levono S10 netbook.

We found a local store that had 50 or so DVD for rent and so on a foggy day, we rented two at $3/each. We once again walked around town, it’s a small town! The fog is supposed to clear tomorrow and we’ll head for Pickering Island, probably.