Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ahoy its me Matt. Today we had French toast far breakfast. Then we rode around the harbor and found a playground and it stunk but it was interesting Then we paid the Harbormaster. After that we went half way around the harbor to get fish for dinner. We got cod and sword fish. Then back on the boat we played Cosmic Wimpout. I watched Spirited Away again, its such a great movie. Well dinner is on the way, write tomorrow bye.

Today was a layover day, waiting for good weather to go north. We took a harbor tour, all around the perimeter looking for a fishmarket. Gloucester is a prime fishing port, full to the gills with fishing boats but strangely, there's not a lot of fish markets. In fact, we didn't see any and had to ask where one was. We finally found one (see photo) but it wasn't apparent as seen from the waterfront so we missed it on our harbor tour. We found fresh swordfish which we had for dinner and cod which Ann will make into fish chowder tomorrow. Matt and I enjoyed the swordfish and look forward to the chowder, we do have a great cook on board!
In the afternoon we had a game of Cosmic Wimpout, surely invented to confuse adults with its convoluted rules. Matt is the expert so we had to abide by his interpretations of the one page of rules which was grossly inadequate. Actually, I won the first game but I'm sure there will be many more if Matt has his way.

Meanwhile the weather continues to be miserable with the high today of 65 but at least there was almost no rain, just a few drops. We'll look again at the weather report tomorrow but we'll probably stick to our plan of sailing north on Friday. It looks like there will be a few good days for our journey to Boothbay.