Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pickering Cove - Awaiting a Storm

Ahoy, it's Matt. Today I woke up and read. Then we went ashore and we went to the library whie Nana walked the dog. Then we went back to the boat and had toast for breakfast. Then we left North East Harbor. On the way I read and we went wing on wing. I read for the rest of the way. Then when we arrived and I drew for a while and then went for a dink ride. I climbed on rocks and then when we got back to the boat after I climbed all over the rocks. Then I played my DS for a while and then I cleaned the head because it was dirty. Write to you tomorrow.

According to the weather report from NOAA and Grib, there’s a storm due for Friday. The gusts are predicted to top out at 25 kts with lots of rain. We didn’t want to stay another day at Northeast even though it would have offered excellent protection so we headed east to Pickering Cove which is protected from the east pretty well. If the storm appears as predicted, we’ll stay over at Pickering Cove on Friday and head towards Penobscot Bay on Saturday.

The cove has a number of islands that are suitable for Hoolie relief which is a plus for any anchorage. It’s about 10 feet at low which allows for good scope on the anchor and as all anchorages in Maine, the bottom is mud, excellent holding. I brought with me an educational DVD on astronomy which I’m trying to interest the crew with but that may be doubtful, we’ll see. Other than that we have lots of books to read for a stormy day. The storm is due to peak in the morning; hope we can get Hoolie ashore.
In taking Hoolie ashore, we don’t worry about securing the dink since we just lash Hoolie to the dinghy painter and he’s the anchor! You just have to watch for the “Hoolie whip” as he runs at full speed on his extended lease. If you’re in the way, he’ll wrap it around your ankles, several times even, mud, sand, etc.