Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pickering Island with a Windjammer

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and I snuggled up on the settee. Then we had more porridge for breakfast. Then I did my work in the yellow bag of death in painful ways. Then we set sail for Pickering Island. I played my DS for awhile. Then I piloted the boat while it was sailing. Then we had peanut butter and cracker lunch. I watched a movie because I was tired of playing my DS. We got here around 2:00. Then I helped Grandpa put preservative on the teak. Then we had a dink ride around Porpoise Point but no porpoises. Then we went ashore and I found a seagull eating area, ew. Then we headed back to the boat and I made a thing of Layered Nachos. Then I played my DS. Write to you tomorrow.
PS The recipe for the Layered Nachos
1 put down thin layer of nachos
2 add salsa and cheese of choos
3 repeat twice or three times

Today Matthew sailed Fleetwing for the first time alone! We had a 10 kt wind which was very steady and we were in a part of Penobscot Bay without lobster buoys. With those advantages, we let Matt sail by himself. As for the weather, it was terrific for a change. We were in shirtsleeves, full sun, temps in the 70’s and the steady wind I mentioned at 10 kts or so. We sailed all the way. We had the bay to ourselves, where were the other boats? There’s a lot fewer boats than last year. We’re at Pickering Island tonight and there’s only one other boat, a windjammer. Last year there were a half dozen. Several times we’ve been the only boat in an anchorage and there’s seldom more than two or three. Of course, the weather so far hasn’t been anything to write home about but the locals don’t seem to mind. I guess, compared to wintertime up here, it’s heaven.

We’ve been watching a DVD of Jacques Pepin, “More Fast Food My Way” and Matt has also been an avid watcher. He even watched back episodes that we had seen but he missed to “catch up” to us. We were surprised that he would be interested. He came up with his recipe for Layered Nachos by himself, he was quite proud of it – and it was good. Nana puts all the nachos down at once and pours the salsa and cheese over the top, Matt “layered” the ingredients.

One of the pleasures of sailing in Penobscot Bay are seeing all the windjammers up close and we take lots of pictures. They are beautiful ships!