Monday, July 13, 2009

Boothbay - Home of Beautiful Ships

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and had cereal. We left Jewell Island and I read for most of the way. When I was done reading we had peanut butter with crackers. When we arrived and I got the mooring on the first try. Then we went and had lobster rolls, mmmm. Then we went to town and got a choke collar for Hoolie but it didn't work. Then we went to the fudge factory. Then we came back and had some fudge. Write to you tomorrow

Well the crew spent a restful night, no rocking which was a great relief for all, including the captain. Off we headed for Booth bay and a mooring for the next two days. We wanted some time to explore Boothbay and especially to get lobster rolls across the bay, great treat. I offered to finish off any of the roll that Matthew couldn't eat but he declined. He made the same offer to Nana but she declined also!

We tried walking Hoolie in the crowd but he was impossible, always pulling with all his might. At home and not in crowds he was fine but with all the distractions, it was hopeless. With that we decided to get a Halite, they are specially made for dogs that are similar to the halter used on horses. With it a dog can't pull with its shoulders, it puts the pull on the dog's nose area which has no strength, it turns the head instead - just like on a horse. We found a store in Rockland that carries them and we'll be there on Thursday.

Boothbay is the home of some beautiful boats. The Friendship Sloops are especially pretty and they abound in Maine. For us we haven't sailed very much so far, we expect to remedy that once we reach Penobscot Bay when we no longer have to make a particular destination, we can just sail. There are also larger sailing ships that use Boothbay for their home port, going out several times a day. We have a mooring that faces the center of town so we can see all the comings and goings. It's all very relaxing and enjoyable. We'll do more of the same tomorrow!