Thursday, July 30, 2009

Belfast - A Visit with the Burns

We left Holbrook Harbor in fog but it clear enough for easy navigation as we cross the bay. We encountered a few showers but then the sun came out and it became quite warm, a new experience for us in Maine this summer. Unfortunately, there was no wind so we motored across the bay to Belfast.

Arriving in Belfast, we had a mountain of laundry to do and a hike up the hill to the Laundromat. Meanwhile, Matt and I washed the boat as Ann tended to the washers and dryers. With the cleaning done, it was time for Dick and Barb Burns to arrive. Ann had not seen Dick since they were in college together at the University of Maine. They graciously invited us to a lobster cookout at their house by the bay at Searsport. We immediately accepted of course and we were on our way to buy the live lobster at a local market.

They have a lovely house with a great view of the harbor and also a perfect setting for a lobster cookout. Although Matthew has eaten lobster many times, this was the first time he actually had a whole lobster that he had to shell and eat by himself. He did fine and he reported that it tasted great, a comment that Ann and I will second! There is just nothing like fresh lobster, especially the hard shell kind with the shell packed with meat. Matt put got the lobsters out of the bag and did the transfer into the boiling water. Dick cut the rubber bands off first so the rubber wouldn't color the taste. Blueberry crisp was the dessert and there is none better!

After the meal we had a walk and Matt felt so strong that he lifted an anchor to show off! (see photo!) What a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Wow your like so totaly strong, you have big musucles. We love you and miss you.

Sarah and Natalie