Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Northeast Harbor - Exploring

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and read in my book. Then we had oatmeal for breakfast. Then I worked in the evil yellow bag of pains. Then we went ashore and Grandpa and I went to a library. Then we meet Nana at The Docksider Restaurant. I had a massive double cheese beggar and a mound of French fries and a appetizer of calamari. Then we went back on the boat. Then we returned to shore with Hoolie and Nana walked the dog while we went around town. We went back to the boat and Grandpa and I went back to return a broken box thing. Then when we were coming back I got a ice cream cone. Then we went to get fuel for the dink. We came back and I read for the rest of the time. Write to you tomorrow.

We awoke to dense fog and a drizzle so we decided to stay another day since tomorrow is supposed to be sunny (Ha!, if you believe that!) We went exploring with Nana touring the shops while Matt and I visited the library. Matt read in the young adult section while I blogged. The library in Northeast Harbor is new and very nice and comes with a high speed, free WiFi server, better than Southwest Harbor. If you sign up for WiFi at the town hall, it’s $5/day but with a five minute walk to the library, it’s free. We wound up at the restaurant halfway up the hill towards town and had an excellent lunch. Ann and I just had a haddock sandwich but Matthew had a huge double cheeseburger, what an appetite!

Coming back to the boat we found that Hoolie had been naughty and pooped in the salon on the floor, bad dog! It’s the first time he’s done that and we’ll have to see how he does in the future. We can’t always take him with us. We headed off again for fuel for the dink and then settled in for our evening wine at 5:00, watching the harbor activities and the setting sun, nice!