Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahoy it's Matt. Today I woke up and played my DS. Then we had scrambled eggs for breakfast with toast. Then when the fog lifted we left for Castine. I cleaned the anchor when we left Holbrook. I played my DS the 20 minutes here. Then it started to rain so I drew for awhile. Then when it stopped raining we went ashore. We had lunch at
Dennett's Warf and I had a burger with fries. Then we went to the store for provisions. Then we went back to the boat to find one of the pillows torn apart. Hoolie had taken the pillow that had a small hole in it and made it a big hole, then ripped it apart. The up side is we were going to replace it. Then we went back ashore and got an ice cream container. Then we got cones at an ice cream place. I had a large chocolate and vanilla twist. Then we went back to the boat and it started to rain again. I played my DS and cuddled up with Nana. Write to you tomorrow, bye. PS we only got a two-hour break from the rain.

We awoke to a world of fog and more of the same in the forecast. With that we decided to pick up a mooring at Castine and explore the town. The crew was getting somewhat discouraged with all the rain and bad weather so we treated ourselves to lunch at Dennett’s Wharf. Ann and I had a clam roll which turned out to be a plate piled high with clams and a small bun buried at the bottom of the pile of clams, out of sight. We still have to get used to the serving sizes in Maine, always huge. It’s a good thing we didn’t get the clam dinner, it would have been much too much.

Castine is the home of the Maine Maritime Academy and their training ship, the ”State of Maine”. We had hoped to take a tour of the ship but it was discontinued this year, perhaps a budget item that got cut. We turned our attention to the museum but it closed at 5:00 pm and it was 4:45 when we discovered that. We thought we could stay another day and then see it but read that it isn’t open on Mondays!

As Matt mentioned, Hoolie misbehaved again by tearing up a pillow while alone in the boat when we had lunch. Fortunately, the pillow was already ripped and we had planned on throwing it away anyway. Hoolie needs more work on being left alone in the boat.